Healthcare job roles

Biomedical scientist

Picture of a biomedical scientist

Watch this video to find out what it's like to be a biomedical scientist.

Clinical technologist

Picture of a clinical technologist

Find out more about the role of a clinical technologist.

Medical secretary

Computer image of medical secretary

Information on how to become a medical secretary and what the role involves.

Medical records clerk

Computer image of medical records clerk

Discover what a medical records clerk does and the training received.

Operating department practitioner

Computer image of operating department practitioner

How to become an operating department practitioner, the training and job details.


Computer image of radiographer

Discover more about the role of a radiographer.


Computer image of NHS porter

Find out how to become a porter and the training required.


Computer image of consultant

Information on how to become a consultant and what the day-to-day role involves.

Advanced healthcare scientist

Picture of an advanced healthcare scientist

Information on the role of an advanced healthcare scientist.

Haematology lab

Picture of a haematology student

Discover more about some of the roles you might find in the haematology lab.

Clinical support worker

Computer image of clinical support manager

Find out how to become a clinical support worker and what the job is like.

Charge nurse

Computer image of charge nurse

These videos explain the role of a charge nurse including the training required.

Healthcare scientist

Computer image of healthcare scientist

A healthcare scientist answers questions on getting the job, the skills required and training received.

Medical receptionist

Computer image of medical receptionist

Find out about the role of a medical receptionist.

HR advisor

Computer image of Human resources (HR) advisor

An HR advisor talks about how she was recruited and her likes and dislikes of the role.


Computer image of pharmacist

Find out more about the role of a pharmacist.