Job activities

Construction and engineering job activities

Picture of a man on a building site

Find out about typical activities in construction and engineering, including traditional building techniques.

Food and drink production job activities

Photo of a development technologist and a home economist discuss customer testing with a table of baking in front of them

Watch videos of daily activities you could experience in the food and drink industry.

Healthcare job activities

Photo of a female nurse taking a male patients blood pressure

Watch videos of some typical activities that you might experience if working in healthcare.

Retail and leisure job activities

Photo of two women in a department store menswear section

Watch videos showing tasks you might do if you worked in a retail or leisure environment.

Waste and cleansing job activities

Picture of an energy recovery plant

Find out about activities in the waste and cleansing sector, including the role of an energy recovery plant.

Contact centre job activities

Photo of a contact centre manager giving a tour of a contact centre

Find out more about the work you might do in a customer contact centre.

Hair, beauty and nails job activities

Photo of a junior stylist providing a shampoo and scalp massage to a client

Daily activities you might be asked to do if you worked in a hair and beauty salon.

Passenger transport job activities

Photo of a man checking in for a flight with a female attendant at an airport check in desk

Watch videos showing activities you might experience in the passenger transport industry.

Scientific services job activities

Find out about tasks you might do if you worked in scientific services.