About World of Work Online

Picture of a girl wearing a hard hat

World of Work Online aims to enhance and support work placements by enabling you to step into different workplaces through a computer, whether in school or at home.

Within this resource you can discover and explore a variety of job roles, some of which will be familiar to you and others that you might not be aware of.

Introductory videos

Headshot of the HR director from McPhieBrowse a selection of short films discussing some of the industries featured in World of Work Online.

Parents and carers

A photograph of a mother and son doing homework

World of Work Online provides an excellent opportunity for parents and young people to access good information together and to look at what choices are out there.

Learning and teaching

Video screenshot of a bus mechanic changing a headlight bulb.

More information for teachers about World of Work Online and how it can complement and support pupils' real-life experiences.