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Using energy as a context for learning creates many opportunities for promoting global citizenship and developing interdisciplinary learning within Curriculum for Excellence.

Climate change is fundamentally about the importance of energy to our lifestyles in the modern world. Our energy needs have increased dramatically in line with our demand for goods and services. For instance, it is estimated that China is currently building two new power stations every week to sustain its significant economic growth. This simply reflects the process that has happened in many developed countries since the start of the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago.

This enormous need for energy has had a damaging impact on our environment and has released massive quantities of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. Most scientists believe this is contributing to climate change. The challenge for humankind is to find new and sustainable ways to produce energy from renewable sources. Scotland aims to be a world leader in this field as it seeks to move towards a low-carbon and sustainable future.

Reflective questions

  • How can we help learners to develop the skills of reflection, discernment, critical thinking and deciding how to act when making moral decisions?
  • How can we motivate learners to contribute to building a better world by taking responsible ethical actions to improve their lives, the lives of others and the environment?
  • How can we encourage learners to become informed consumers and producers who have an appreciation of the merits and impacts of products and services?

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The images used above are licensed under Creative Commons on Flickr by the following photographers: Simone Ramella, tom jervis, yrvafhom and amandabhslater.

The other images are courtesy of SCCP and John Macpherson photography.

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