Climate Change\|Climate Change Primary

Skills for life and work

Curriculum for Excellence seeks to equip our children and young people with the skills for learning, life and work and the theme of climate change offers many opportunities in this regard.

There are already an estimated 80,000 green jobs in Scotland ranging from the renewable energy sector and conservation to waste management, eco-tourism and sustainable construction. It is estimated that up to 120,000 additional green sector jobs will come on-stream in the next 10 to 15 years as Scotland pushes forward with its plans to move to a low-carbon economy and become a world leader in the development of wave, tidal and wind technologies. Within the energy sector alone it is estimated that 50,00 to 95,000 jobs will be created.

Green jobs come in many different forms and range from new careers that have only existed in the last 10 years to more traditional trades, such as electricians, joiners and plumbers, who provide services to the green sector.

Visit the Career Scotland website The Path is Green for more information about green careers such as those listed below:

  • Biomass and boiler engineers
  • Industrial and domestic insulation installers
  • Micro-generation development, research, installation and maintenance
  • Conservation, ecology and sustainability officers
  • Workplace and local authority carbon auditors
  • Wind, wave and tidal researchers, developers, engineers and installers
  • Forestry professionals

Reflective questions

  • How can we create learning experiences to engage and interest children and young people in careers in the green sector?
  • How are our classroom activities and teaching methodologies supporting the development of skills required for green careers?