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An image of a snowplough in the sunrise. Licensed under Creative Commons by Jon Mountjoy (Flickr).

About Curriculum for Excellence

Curriculum for Excellence represents one of the biggest transformations ever to take place in Scottish education. This ambitious process of change ensures that our children and young people have access to an education that prepares them for life in the fast-changing world of the 21st century.

Curriculum for Excellence seeks to promote the development of skills and requires that learning and teaching is meaningful, relevant, enjoyable and challenging.

The intended outcome is that Curriculum for Excellence will enable our children and young people to become confident individuals, successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens - not just within their local communities but in the wider global sense.

Schools and climate change

Climate change features prominently within the experiences and outcomes and has already proven to be a popular theme for study and interdisciplinary learning in many schools. It provides opportunities for rich, deep and broad learning to take place across the curriculum. It also cuts across social, political, environmental, cultural, ethical and economic spheres and the controversy surrounding it makes it an ideal vehicle for debating and discussing themes relating to global citizenship and sustainable development education.

Reflective questions

  • How can we use climate change to encourage learners to explore and establish values such as wisdom, justice, compassion and integrity?
  • How can we use climate change as a context to support interdisciplinary learning and our whole school commitment to global citizenship?