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Climate change is an important and complex issue which is impacting on nature, biodiversity and people around the world.

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Given its global significance, it offers a stimulating and meaningful context for children and young people to learn about sustainability and develop as global citizens. It can also be readily used to support learning across the curriculum and to deliver experiences and outcomes within all curriculum areas, especially within sciences, technologies and social studies.

This online resource has been developed for practitioners and learners from early level onwards and contains essential background information about climate change as well as easy access to topical news and resources. It also contains many high-quality videos that can be used directly with children and young people.

Climate change conference

Our sister website, 'Exploring climate change', has information on COP 21 - the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.

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Global citizenship

Learn about climate change and global citizenship.

Green jobs

Find out more about the possible 120,000 jobs to be created in low carbon industries.

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