Development of independence through teamwork

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In this video, primary children work in groups to plan a French presentation.


Teacher: What I'm going to do now is I'm going to give you two pieces of paper. One piece of paper will be for your timekeeper to jot down the ideas that you're going to have of what you're going to do at each time. Your materials managers are going to go and get the materials, all right? And the people that are doing the poster, you're going to take yourselves down to the end of the room and get on with your work, OK? The people that are going to be doing the drama, if you stay down near here.

Girl 1: Maybe it could be about body parts and we could have a doctor and we could go in to him and tell him we've got a sore la tête or la bras or whatever.

Girl 2: Maybe we could use the puppets.

Group talks together: Yeah. Why don't we do it twice, once with the puppets, once ourselves? Yeah...

Girl 3: It could be a French version of something like... I don't know...

Girls together: Heads, shoulders, knees and toes!

Girl 4: Let's do a show of hands... Settled.

Girl 3: But then we would have to have two people dining. Sharon? Ewan? Do you two want to do it?

Boy 1: Every time we do a poster it's always square. Why don't we try and make it different?

Boy 2: Aye, like a big monster man or something with the body parts.

Boy 1: Hmm, yeah, that's quite good.

Boy 3: I thought we could do a skeleton.

Boy 1: Why don't we do our original idea and maybe draw round Donald?

Boy 2: Donald?

Boy 1: Aye, and we could label the body parts, just stick them on.

Boy 2: He's the tallest.

Boy 1: And we could put it up somewhere and just show it to the class.

Girl 5: And we could stick the body parts on.

Boy 1: So we might need some time for choosing the words, you could draw round Donald for a while.

Boy 4: We'll have to do all the male and the female words.

Boy 1: We could do the male ones in blue and the female ones in pinkish red.

Boy 2: Aye, I like that.

Boy 3: You could do the labels...


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