Establishing criteria for behaviour and learning

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In this video, a primary teacher discusses with her class the behaviour and learning she expects from a lesson.


Teacher: Today we are going to do another critical skills lesson and for the last few weeks you've been studying and learning all about the parts of the body. We've all learned our core vocabulary for the basic words that we know and we've also got some extra words that some people were interested in and they've been learning more.

Today what I want you to do is to demonstrate to each other that you know those words, that you know them really well and that you can write them, and read them, and hear them and say them. So you're going to be reading, writing, listening and talking and demonstrating all your knowledge that you have as well as working in teams. TEAM, remember, means Together Everyone Achieves More. And today that's what we're going to do so we're learning to work together in teams and we are showing off the learning that we've been doing over the last few weeks.

What will I see if I'm looking at a quality team? What will you be doing? Sharon?

Girl 1: People that sit down, have a WASH and they all listen to each other.

Teacher: In a quality team we'll see a WASH happening. What does a WASH mean? Yes, Anna?

Girl 2: It means We All Speak Here.

Teacher: We All Speak Here. And in a quality team we all get a chance to speak. Sean?

Boy 1: You'd see lots of discussion.

Teacher: Anything else we would see?

Girl 3: Everybody working well together.

Teacher: Dean?

Boy 2: Agreement of hands.

Teacher: Right. Anything else?

Boy 3: We'd see everybody working on a job and nobody just sitting down doing nothing.

Teacher: What will I hear? I'll not hear any arguments. What else will I hear? Dannii.

Girl 4: You'd hear the facilitator speaking to people about their jobs and asking them how they're doing.

Teacher: Anything else we would hear? Stuart?

Boy 4: Everyone talking quietly.

Teacher: Since this is a French lesson, what else will we hear?

Boy 3: You'd hear good pronunciation.

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