North Lanarkshire Council

North Lanarkshire Council continues to promote the development and use of Glow across the authority. Designated Glow Mentors and Champions are present in each establishment to provide help, support, guidance and training for all users of Glow. ICT coordinators network to learn about developing functionality within Glow and use this to enhance the experience of end-users in their own particular establishment. The ICT team continue to work with schools to investigate and develop the potential of the new Sharepoint 2013 environment and Microsoft Office web apps. Information will continue to be shared as news of Glow Future becomes available.

Unlocking Glow accounts of learners:

Schools have been encouraged to ensure that learners set up a ‘challenge question’ so that pupils can unlock their own password if necessary. Teachers can reset their pupils’ passwords.

Unlocking Glow accounts for staff:

Designated staff within each school, and the LA ASM can reset staff passwords.

Key contacts

Morag Hay -

Technical Contact: Andrew McNaughton -

Further information

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