Universal support

About universal support

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Supporting learning underpins the delivery of Curriculum for Excellence for all children and young people and it is the responsibility of all practitioners and partners to deliver this universal entitlement within their own teaching environments.

The role of the key adult

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All children and young people should have frequent opportunities to discuss their learning with an adult who can act as a mentor, helping them to set appropriate goals for the next stages in learning.

Review of learning and planning next steps

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Involving all children and young people in planning and reflecting on their own learning through assessment, evaluation and personal learning planning.

Meeting learning needs

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Helping all practitioners provide effective learning activities that address barriers across the curriculum in every context and setting.

Capturing the holistic picture

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Helping staff and practitioners to keep regularly updated records of children and young people's progress and achievements.

Planned opportunities for achievement

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Helps children and young people identify and plan opportunities for achievement through activities covering a full range of contexts and settings.


Sharing practice

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Browse these examples of practice from Scottish secondary schools, where the role of the key adult has been developed in different ways to suit the context of the school.

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