What is support?

Photograph of a primary school boy being helped by teacher

All children and young people need support to help them learn and develop. The needs of the child or young person should always be central to the identification, planning and provision of support. Support should be appropriate, proportionate and timely.

Building the Curriculum 3 sets out a range of entitlements for all children. These include the commitment that every child and young person is entitled to support to enable them to:

  • gain as much as possible from the opportunities which Curriculum for Excellence can provide
  • move into a positive and sustained destination.

The National Framework

An image of school children of different ages

Help for all practitioners and partners, in every setting, to support learners from early years to positive, sustained destinations.

Universal support

An adult and child reading

Find out about the support which all young people are entitled to throughout their learning journey.

Targeted support

Two boys with teacher

Find out why learners may occasionally benefit from additional support, tailored to their individual circumstances.

Supporting learners - Self reflection resource

A diagram of the self reflection resource

This resource supports implementation of the Supporting Learners national framework. It draws together the key themes of the entitlement to support within Curriculum for Excellence.


Resources to help you understand supporting learners.

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