Inclusion and equality

About inclusion and equality

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Inclusion is about all learners and about taking action to remove barriers to participation and learning. Inclusion also involves eliminating discrimination and promoting equality.

Barriers to participation and learning for individuals and groups usually involve multiple interacting factors, rather than just one. A holistic approach is always necessary.

Refugees and asylum seekers

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Learn about providing support to vulnerable children who are refugees or asylum seekers.

Service families

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Information and guidance on the barriers to learning faced by children from service families.

Young carers

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See what can be done to support young people who have an additional responsibility of care.

Disability equality

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Get help to support learners with accessibility requirements.

Race equality

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Get support in dealing with and preventing racial incidents.

Travelling communities

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Find information about Scotland's travelling communities and resources to support the development of educational inclusion.

Challenging sectarianism

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Find out about sectarianism in Scotland and learn why we should challenge it.

Religion or belief


Discover resources for the promotion of religious equality in Scottish schools and society.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender

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Information and resources relating to issues relevant to young people's sexual orientation.

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