Cleaning water learning journey

A photo view of a water treatment works

The Cleaning water learning journey is for learning and teaching about the chemistry of cleaning water in the context of a water treatment plant. 

It develops knowledge and understanding and skills relating to separating mixtures into their components using physical methods.

In this journey, learners build up knowledge and skills through a curriculum focus in sciences. The lesson ideas allow them to see the purpose and relevance of learning about cleaning water and how that knowledge is applied in the world of work. Learners could then apply these skills to an engineering challenge where they are asked to design and explain processes relating to cleaning and moving water for a community from a developing country who do not have access to a clean, safe supply. This learning journey would create opportunities to work with other departments such as technologies.

There are rich opportunities to work with partners in this journey by inviting someone from Scottish Water in to help learners gain insights into the world of work or from a charity to help develop their understanding of some of the issues surrounding access to a clean, safe water supply.

Download the entire Cleaning water learning journey

This learning journey is also available in Word format to allow you to add to, adapt or change the resource and create your own learning journeys.

PDF: Cleaning water learning journey (5.3 MB)Word file: Cleaning water learning journey (5.3 MB)

Use the cross to expand the image and see the learning intentions, success criteria and potential evidence.

Experiences and outcomes explored

Sciences > Materials > Properties and uses of substances > SCN 3-16a
I can differentiate between pure substances and mixtures in common use and can select appropriate physical methods for separating mixtures into their components.

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