Flood management learning journey

A photo of a dam which can be used to manage water flow

The Flood management learning journey is for learning and teaching knowledge and skills such as researching current products and systems, considering different possible solutions and ideas and designing and modelling systems solutions to flooding. 

In this journey, learners build up knowledge and skills through a curriculum focus on technologies. The lesson ideas allow them to see why flooding is an important issue and how skills such as research, analysing existing products and using control technology are used to inform designed solutions.

Learners can then apply these skills in an engineering challenge where they are asked to help a local authority to create a flood prevention plan and demonstrate potential engineering solutions to managing flood risk. This context provides opportunities to plan with other departments, such as mathematics, for interdisciplinary learning.

There are rich opportunities to develop young people as global citizens in this context by allowing them to consider practice elsewhere and what we can learn from it. Also through considering how engineers must work in partnership with stakeholders to find solutions that will suit local needs and circumstances.

Download the entire Flood management learning journey

This learning journey is also available in Word format to allow you to add to, adapt or change the resource and create your own learning journeys.

Use the cross to expand the image and see the learning intentions, success criteria and potential evidence.

PDF: Flood management learning journey (268 KB)Word file: Flood management learning journey (487 KB)

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