Solar maths learning journey

A photo of solar panels on the roof of a house

The Solar maths learning journey is for learning and teaching about how mathematical investigations can help to inform the design of buildings, specifically the positioning of solar panels on the roof of a house to maximise the harnessing of the Sun’s energy to heat water for a house. 

In this journey, learners build up knowledge and skills through a curriculum focus on mathematics and numeracy. The lesson ideas allow them to see how maths is used in context to plan for the solving of engineering problems. Learners can then apply these skills in an interdisciplinary challenge where they are asked to design a way to heat water in a house using solar energy.

There are rich opportunities to develop young peoples understanding of how mathematics is used in engineering by inviting in someone from a local business or a STEM ambassador, to give learners insights into the world of work.

Download the entire Solar maths learning journey

This learning journey is also available in Word format to allow you to add to, adapt or change the resource and create your own learning journeys.

Use the cross to expand the image and see the learning intentions, success criteria and potential evidence.

PDF: Solar maths learning journey (202 KB)Word: Solar maths learning journey (342 KB)

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