Prosthetic design

A photo of a paralympic runner

The Prosthetic design learning journey is designed to encourage learners to plan, develop and produce creative and innovative concepts in the world of prosthetic design.

Using the structure of a design folio, learners work independently to design an improvement to current leg prosthetics, focusing on a niche market.

They will discuss and share ideas about possible users of prosthetics, researching the variety of situations in which a prosthetic can be used.

Learners then establish a concept to take forward to development stage and present a justified proposal of their final design concept.

This context provides rich opportunities for interdisciplinary learning, for example, with Sciences.

Download the entire Prosthetic design learning journey

An image of the experiences and outcomes, learning intentions, success criteria and potential assesment for the Prosthetic design learning journey

The learning journey is also available in Word format to allow users to add to, adapt or change the resource and create their own learning journeys.

Use the cross to expand the image to see the learning intentions, success criteria and potential evidence.

PDF: Prosthetic design learning journey (431 KB)Word: Prosthetic design learning journey (201 KB)

Experiences and outcomes explored

Technologies > Craft, design, engineering and graphics contexts for developing technological skills and knowledge > TCH 4-14a
Showing creativity and innovation, I can design, plan and produce increasingly complex items which satisfy the needs of the user, at home or in the world of work.

Sciences > Topical science > Topical science > 20r1 > SCN 4-20a
I have researched new developments in science and can explain how their current or future applications might impact on modern life.

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