Dr David Tyler - Senior Engineer

Organisation: Water Industry Commission for Scotland

Job Title: Senior Engineer 

Describe what you do.

I provide internal, technical expertise to Scotland's economic regulator, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland.

What are you currently working on?

I contribute to a number of forums that provide delivery assurance on Scottish Water's investment programme. I am also involved a number of projects which are innovating regulatory reform in Scotland.

What or who inspired you to become an engineer?

Engineering offered a practical, dynamic and intellectually stimulating career choice. I read Civil Engineering and specialised in public health. My career has spanned the design and building of water and wastewater projects, operational management, engineering research and strategic decision-making. I have worked both in the UK and abroad.

What excites you about Scottish engineering?

Scotland is leading on a number of fronts. I am privileged to be engaged with others in developing the thinking on a number of issues.

Where do you see developments in your field in the future?

A better balance between hard-engineered and softer, more sustainable and affordable solutions.

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