Improving mental maths

Watch this video of a P.6 pupil playing one of the maths challenges in the Dr Kawashima game. Can you do your sums as fast as him?

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Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training is a game made for the Nintendo DS. It is based around a number of challenges that are embedded in numeracy and literacy as well as memory. In the game, as the player engages with its many challenges their profile is established and their performance is tracked through a feature called the Brain Age. The better you are at the game then the lower your Brain Age.

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It is a game that was made for entertainment but Learning and Teaching Scotland’s Consolarium team felt that its content and the way its design engaged and motivated the player meant that it had the potential to be used in education. In order to explore our thoughts about this game LTS partnered the University of Dundee to carry out research to try to explore if its appropriate use could help develop and enhance children’s performance in mental maths. In this project there was a focus on multiplication, division and addition and subtraction within 100.

Have a look at what we did, how we used it in schools and more interestingly, what we found out about its impact on learners and their learning.


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