Guitar Hero

What is Guitar Hero?

Over the past few years, computer games designers have added peripheral tools to games that have enhanced the game-play experience. These peripherals have also increased levels of active engagement with games and they have widened the appeal of games to audiences who may never have played computer games before.

These tools include the Eye Toy®, Dance Mats, Singstar, the Wii motion controller and the game that we want to focus on for this case study, Guitar Hero®. Based on similar technology to a dance mat the player must attempt to play a guitar in order to perform in a series of rock venues. This has been one of the most successful games in recent times and is one that always proves popular with visitors to the Consolarium.

The challenge presented by the game, the richness of the context that the game play is embedded within, and the sheer popularity of the game were reasons enough to merit exploration and to find out if, and how, this game could engage and motivate learners in school.

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