Financial awareness at Lossiemouth High School


Lossiemouth High is a non-denominational high school serving communities in the north of Moray Council with a roll of 663 pupils.

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When considering the entitlement for all young people to develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work within Building the Curriculum 3, the school recognised that its young people would benefit from opportunities to develop financial capability if they were to leave school confident of managing their money and knowing something about the world of finance.

In addition, improvements in literacy, numeracy, and communication skills would be part of any approach to financial education and opportunities for personal achievement would be built in also.


Developing and Accrediting Financial Awareness’ is a resource from UK Youth which supports young people to become aware of financial issues whilst working towards Youth Scotland’s Youth Achievement Awards. This was recognised as ideal for pupils from the school who were attending Moray College on hairdressing, construction, hospitality and sports courses. It would also provide an accreditation route for them.

Having worked with Community Learning and Development (CLD) in the past, the Depute Head approached CLD colleagues to consider working together on this topic and it was agreed that youth workers would take the class for one double period per week.

A suitable area within the school was found to allow a range of groupwork methods to be used, for example small group break-out areas. The 21 third year pupils who enrolled in the class began to engage enthusiastically with the process and recognise that what they were doing was both useful and interesting.


The benefits for the young people included
  • increased knowledge and understanding of how financial issues affect their lives
  • better developed communication and planning skills
  • enhanced self awareness and self esteem through exploring and learning to manage their feelings
  • improved abilities to work as part of a team, including learning how to resolve difficulties by negotiation
  • development of appropriate attitudes and values

In addition to the course content engaging the young people in learning, there have been links to their lives outwith the school. Their participation within organisations such as youth clubs and their contribution to the running of groups within their communities has been recognised through gaining Youth Achievement Awards at bronze level.

Comments from those involved

It’s an absolute credit to the youth workers who have made the course very lively and participative. They’re very good at listening and communicating with the kids and they engage in a respectful manner as well as work hard with them.
Depute Headteacher, Lossiemouth High

It’s going to move forward in the best interests of the young people we’re working with and others who are coming up. They will see more youth workers in schools so they have greater access to support and information and won’t have to wait until the evening at the drop-in or through detached work contact.

Youth Worker, Lossiemouth

Within S4 we can see confident and responsible individuals. Those going through the transition from school to the world of work or school and home and what they learn from the course will help that transition and help lifelong learning, responsible citizenship and confident individuals. We know that this small area is making a major contribution in their journey to excellence and as part of curriculum for excellence.

Depute Headteacher, Lossiemouth High

I think the course is good. It helps to give you really good skills for later life.

Young person, Lossiemouth

Before the course I didn’t know about any financial stuff, so it’s given me the basics of what I need to know when I’m older and it’s really helped in other subjects like business management and maths.

Young person, Lossiemouth


  • Interviews with teaching staff
  • Interviews with young participants
  • Photographs and recordings

Future plans

The continued engagement with the course and the youth workers will result in further achievement at the silver and gold levels of the Youth Achievement Award framework.

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