Search tips

The Search for information about a school page of Scottish Schools Online allows you to search for a particular school by name and/or by local authority and/or by type of school.

Search by school name

If you are searching for a particular school by name then:

  • type Saint as St (no full stop)
  • include apostrophes, for example in St Mary's and St James'
  • do not use 'The' at the start of the name
  • if the name includes the term Roman Catholic, type this as RC.

If you have trouble locating the school, try searching with just the first few letters of the school name.

Search by local authority

Choose a local authority from the drop-down menu to find schools within that authority. Alternatively you can choose to search for schools across the whole of Scotland by selecting 'Scotland'.

Search by school type

Choose just one of the 'School type' boxes (Primary, Secondary, Special school) to indicate which type of school you wish to find. Choose more than one option to find schools which belong to more than one type eg selecting Primary and Secondary will return schools which are both primary and secondary.

The More search options page offers a more detailed search.

Search by additional services

An example of this type of search might be; you want to know how many primary schools in a particular local authority have an integrated special unit. To do this:

  • select the local authority from the drop-down menu
  • tick the box marked Primary
  • tick the box marked Integrated special unit
  • click on search

This search will return a list of the primary schools in that local authority which have an integrated special unit.

Search by funding type

Choose either State funded or Independent to search for schools based on their funding type.