Free School Meals

Pupils registered for free meals at Gleniffer High School

The table below shows the percentage of pupils registered for free school meals for the school, the local authority and all of Scotland.

Percentage of pupils registered for free meals in 2012/13 (Secondary):

Free school meal percentages
Gleniffer High School Renfrewshire Scotland
Percentage of pupils 14.2% 16.3% 15.5%


Symbols used:

* Percentages for schools where the number of pupils registered, or the number of pupils not registered, for free school meals is greater than 0 but less than 5 are replaced by a single asterisk (*) because they could lead to the identification of information about individuals.

Local authority and Scotland percentages exclude schools where there is no provision of meals.

National averages have been calculated from the figures for all available local authority and grant-aided schools, whereas the local authority averages are based on local authority schools only.