Castle Douglas High School - Dumfries & Galloway

Castle Douglas High School

This map is centred on the school's postcode.
Castle Douglas High School
Dunmuir Road
Castle Douglas

Telephone: 01556 502821/2
Fax: 01556 502821

Local authority: Dumfries and Galloway
SEED number: 5918030
Pupil and teacher numbers as at September 2012
Secondary school roll:554
Teacher numbers (FTE):52.3

This school receives pupils from S1-S4 schools to continue their education in S5 and S6.  Attainment calculations by the end of S5 and S6 are based on the sum of the S4 roll of this school and all schools it receives pupils from.

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For more information about the school, such as extra-curricular activities, look at the school's website or contact the school directly for a copy of the school handbook.