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MacCodram and his Seal Wife

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Martin MacIntyre tells the story of MacCodram and his Seal Wife

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It is said that some people are descended from selkies.

Around 1900 there were MacCodrams on North Uist who were known as 'the MacCodrams of the seals'. John MacCodram was a poet and it was thought that he was a descendant of the seal folk.

People said that one of their ancestors had fallen in love with a selkie woman and stolen her magical seal skin. They married and had children but one day MacCodram's seal wife found her selkie skin.

Across Scotland there are tales of fairy wives and supernatural ancestors:

Mansie O' Kierfa, an Orcadian man from Sandwick, was said to have married a fairy and had three daughters; in the story of Macphie’s Black Dog we learn that Mac-vic-Allan of Arasaig, lord of Moidart, had a fairy wife who could transform herself into a deer, and the Fairy Flag of Dunvegan Castle was given to the MacLeods of Skye by the elfin sweetheart of Alasdair Alpin MacGregor.