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When I Was Single

This is a great song to perform. Point to the fourth finger (the 'ring finger') of your left hand when singing 'single' or 'mairried'. Comb your hair when you sing that, point to your wrist for 'havenae the time', knuckle your brow for 'a weary, weary life', wag your finger for 'better tae be single'. I'm sure you can guess the other movements.


When ah was single I used to comb ma hair

Noo ah’m mairried I havenae the time tae spare

It’s a life, a life, a weary, weary life

Yer better tae be single than tae be a mairried wife


When ah was single ah used a powder puff

Noo ah’m mairried ah canny afford the stuff


Wan says ‘Mammy, help me intae ma pram’

Anither says ‘Mammy, gie’s a piece an jam’


Wan says ‘Mammy, help me intae ma bed’

Anither says ‘Mammy, scratch ma wudden leg’


Here are two extra verses that were made up by children with Ewan:


Wan says ‘Mammy, can ah go play wi the boys?

Anither says ‘Mammy, can ah make a noise?’


When ah was single ah used tae get a laugh

Noo ah’m mairried there’s twelve kids in the bath


Perhaps you can make up some more verses of your own.


'When I Was Single', performed by Ewan McVicar.
From Scottish Songs for Younger Children, Gallus Recordings

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When I was Single (Ewan McVicar)




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