About Schools Global Footprint

Global Footprint icons - energy, transport, food, waste, water and buildings

Schools Global Footprint helps you to explore and to reduce the environmental effect your school has on the planet. This resource is aimed primarily at the second and third levels, however many schools have also successfully adapted and used the resource at early years and first level.

Schools Global Footprint is made up of two main teaching tools which work hand in hand: an online footprint calculator and a teacher’s handbook.

Teacher handbook and workbook

These downloadable tools will help you make the most of the Schools Global Footprint calculator.

What is an ecological footprint?

Image of footprint made from leaves

Learn about the difference between an ecological footprint and a greenhouse gas (or carbon) footprint.

Schools Global Footprint and Eco-Schools

Image of Eco Schools

Information and advice on linking Schools Global Footprint and Eco-Schools topics.

Using the calculator

Screenshot of calculator

A step-by-step introduction to using the Schools Global Footprint calculator in your school.

Schools Global Footprint and Curriculum for Excellence

How this resource can help you deliver experiences and outcomes across a range of curriculum areas.

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