Taking a closer look at NAR: Professional learning resource

'Taking a closer look at NAR' aims to:

  • provide an opportunity to reflect on effective practice in learning, teaching and assessment, drawing on the work published on the National Assessment Resource (NAR)
  • provide a structured look at the NAR flowchart as a tool for planning effective learning, teaching, moderation and assessment
  • provide useful links to exemplars on NAR
  • allow staff to 'dip into' aspects of the learning, teaching and assessment process where they wish to reflect on their practice.

It can be used by individual practitioners, by pairs or groups of practitioners and by associated schools groups or clusters working collegially to reflect upon and improve their assessment practice.

Each section corresponds to a stage in the National Assessment Resource flowchart. The sections have examples from NAR to illustrate how each aspect of the flowchart has been developed in context, and reflective questions and action points to enable you to build on good practice in your own establishment.

Use it to inform planning for learning teaching and assessment, as a starting point for discussion and as part of planned professional learning or moderation activities within a school or cluster.

PDF file: NAR flowchart (136 KB)PDF file: NAR flowchart (Gaelic) (677 KB)

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PDF file: Taking a closer look at NAR (718 KB)

National Assessment Resource

How NAR supports assessment practice, examples of how schools and local authorities have used it and advice to help you develop your own materials.