National Children's Book Week - November

Blue-shaded cover of the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde graphic novel, showing two men standing back to back

Children's Book Week is a celebration of reading for pleasure for children of primary school age.

It's been running for the past 80 years, and schools, libraries and other venues all over the UK hold events and activities aimed at encouraging children to view reading as a source of pleasure, explore libraries and bookshops and even start writing themselves.

Designating a special day or week for book-related activities can help children to see reading as pleasurable and fun, stimulating them to discover new books, extend their reading choices, discuss and share books, explore libraries and bookshops, and do their own creative writing.


National Children's Book Week

Information about National Children's Book Week on the Book Trust website, plus resources to download.

Scottish Storytelling Centre
The Scottish Storytelling Centre is Scotland's national resource centre for storytelling. Information on over 80 professional storytellers living and working in Scotland can be found in the Centre's online directory.
Scotland's Stories

In the Scotland's Stories website are magical tales of selkies and stoor worms, faerie queens, trows, ancient hags, saints and kings, told by storytellers on film and in recordings.

Graphic novels

Resource from Education Scotland aimed at supporting staff in developing their knowledge of the comic/graphic novel medium and understanding its full potential for classrooms and leisure reading. It includes: tips on how to get started with a graphic novel collection; a helpful list of recommended for schools; practical ideas on how to use graphic novels with pupils; and further reading material and links to other useful websites.

On the Money

Change the way children think about money with this collection of stories from four of Scotland’s top children’s authors. They look at different aspects of money in fun and useful ways.

Novels about sectarianism

Information and ideas about teaching Divided City by Theresa Breslin, Joan's Lingard's Sadie and Kevin novels, and other books for teenagers that tell stories with a background of sectarianism.

Books for All Scotland and Books for All Database

The Books for All project and database aims to support local authorities, teachers and other practitioners with the provision of adapted learning materials in accessible, alternative formats, for pupils who have difficulties reading ordinary printed books.

Book Trust - Resources for schools

Educational resources to access online and download from the Book Trust website.

Fairytales and stories illustrations

Link to Education Scotland resource with royalty-free illustrations to download of characters and objects from stories.

More event-based resources

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    This project encourages the exploration of text through conversation and discussion at class or group level. It highlights the relationships between reading, talking, thinking and learning and facilitates interactive practice, with the teacher and learners.

  • Literacy circles in Orkney

    Describes the planning and development of a literacy circles project in an Orkney primary school and discusses the impact of the approach and possible future developments.

  • Storyline topics - The Enchanted Forest

    An account of a Storyline project undertaken by a primary 1 class at Aberfoyle primary school. The Enchanted Forest is designed to provide an imaginative contextual approach to developing literacy in the early years.