Life in the slum settlements of Nairobi

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This learning journey and accompanying files was developed in conjunction with Comic Relief. It has been designed to assist in the teaching of global issues within Curriculum for Excellence as well as the new National Qualifications. It focuses on the causes, consequences and solutions to slum settlements using Nairobi in Kenya as an specific example of a worldwide problem.

The resource offers ample scope for developing geographical skills of using numerical and graphical information, mapping skills and research skills together with developing knowledge, geographical vocabulary and understanding of global environmental issues. The materials are particularly suited to enhance learning experiences within social studies, RME and health and wellbeing.

Support materials

PDF file: Learning journey: Life in the slum settlements of Nairobi (382 KB)PDF file: Background information for teachers: Life in the slum settlements of Nairobi (854 KB)Powerpoint file: Why do slums exist? (7.5 MB)Powerpoint file: What are slums? (12.1 MB)Powerpoint file: How can conditions in slums be improved? (7.9 MB)PDF file: Comparative data for the counties of Wajir and Nairobi (211 KB)PDF file: Exploring Nairobi using Google Earth (725 KB)PDF file: The Pamoja Trust case study (244 KB)

Global citizenship

Global citizenship is a key context for learning across the curriculum and ensures that our children and young people can play a full and active part in society – politically, socially, economically, environmentally and culturally.

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