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Social Studies and Expressive Arts - Early level resource

In this early level learning journey, learners will explore where pandas come from, what they like to eat and why they are endangered.

Developing the Young Workforce - Scotland's Youth Employment Strategy

Implementing the recommendations of the Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce.

Biology: Approaches to learning and teaching - Advanced Higher

The material provides suggestions on approaches to learning and teaching. Staff are encouraged to draw on these materials, and existing materials, to develop their own programmes of learning which are appropriate to the needs of learners within their own context.

CfE Briefing 16: Religious Observance (Time for Reflection)

This briefing for practitioners explores the aims and purposes of religious observance (RO) within Curriculum for Excellence. It is intended for practitioners but can also be used to inform partners, learners, and their parents and carers, about RO.


Erasmus+ aims to boost skills and employability as well as modernise education, training, and youth work across Europe.

  • Posted on 16 December 2014.

Curriculum for Excellence Primary School Leadership Conferences

A series of five leadership conferences were held in September and October 2014 to support primary schools with the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence.

John Byrne National Drawing Competition

John Byrne National Drawing Competition

Learners across Scotland have been invited to take part in a new drawing competition.

Innovative practice

Headteacher describe the steps taken to ensure that the children in school are helped to succeed and have the best possible chances in life.

  • Posted on 12 December 2014 under Primary.

The Upper School Model

Discover one primary school’s innovative solution to the challenges posed by staffing numbers.

  • Posted on 12 December 2014 under Primary.

The Giant Panda challenge: Second level resource

This challenge, aimed at young people working at Curriculum for Excellence second level, will help learners develop their thinking, problem solving, ICT and teamwork skills.

Resource calendar

Links to resources to support learning related to celebrations, awareness days and action weeks throughout the year.