International Childhood Cancer Day – 15 February

Picture shows a child's hand holding an adult's finger

A day for activities to mark International Childhood Cancer Day and show support for children and families experiencing this disease.

Each year, more than 160,000 children are diagnosed with cancer, and about 90,000 die from the disease.

With prompt and effective treatment, most childhood cancers can be cured – but global statistics expose a shocking disparity - in developed countries, around 80% of children with cancer survive, but in low resource settings this figure falls to 20% or even 10% in the world's poorest countries, where it is difficult to gain access to information, early diagnosis, care and treatment.


International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations

The International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations – ICCCPO – was set up in 1994 and is an umbrella organisation currently representing 138 parent organisations in 81 countries.

World Child Cancer

World Child Cancer is a charity that operates globally in low and middle income countries

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