French listening exercises

This modern languages resource has 10 recordings of French speech, describing the everyday lives of French teenagers.

The recordings are accompanied by transcripts in French so learners can check their understanding.

Listening exercise one - Thomas and Pierre

Thomas and his friend Pierre go into town to get something to eat and do some shopping. Afterwards, they listen to music at Pierre's house.

Listening exercise two - Pascale at school

Pascale talks about her school, her best friends and the subjects they like and dislike.

Listening exercise three - All about Diane

Diane describes herself, including her appearance, clothes, and favourite leisure activities

Listening exercise four - My village and region

The narrator talks about the village and region where they live, and what activities you can do there.

Listening exercise five - How the boys spend their weekends

Robert, Paul and Jean-Pierre each describe the activities they like to do at the weekend.

Listening exercise six - Survey into young people's leisure time

The narrator describes the result of a survey into how young people like to pass their time, including listening to music, using the computer and doing sport.

Listening exercise seven - Christine's day

The narrator describes Christine's daily routines, including details of school, hobbies and interests.

Listening exercise eight - Phoning to make a reservation

Three callers each leave a message to ask if they can book a hotel room, all with different requirements.

Listening exercise nine - Our jobs

The narrator describes what three young people do for a living, and what their jobs involve.

Listening exercise ten - Le Camping Saint Michel

The narrator describes the Saint Michel campsite - how many places there are, what facilities it offers and what activities you can do there.

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