Sciences 3-18 curriculum impact report 2013 update

This report is an update to the impact report of 2012, evaluating current practice in the sciences. It is one of a series of reports designed to gauge the impact of a changing curriculum on learners' experiences and achievements. It adds to the good practice identified in the 2012 report and continues to highlight important areas for discussion and further development.

The evidence presented in this report tells us that children and young people are developing a range of knowledge, understanding and skills in the sciences. Overall, learning and teaching is strong, effective and improving. Curriculum for Excellence has stimulated debate and changes to learning and teaching. Teachers and other professionals are keen to meet the challenges presented. New evidence suggests some progress is being made in aspects for development identified in the 2012 report.

These positive messages bode well for the development of children and young people's capacities as citizens and contributors. It is necessary for children and young people to develop important skills to become creative, inventive and enterprising adults in a world where the skills and knowledge of the sciences are needed across all sectors of the economy. This report will continue to help practitioners reflect on how well they are developing these capacities and how much more we need to do.

There continues to be a summary of the report written for children and young people. In response to practitioner feedback there is now a separate document outlining the examples of good practice. It is intended that the report will act as a hub for ongoing professional dialogue and development. Children and young people, practitioners, parents and members of the wider sciences community are encouraged to become engaged with each other and with Education Scotland staff, via the Talk with us blog, to share practice and address areas requiring development.

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