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School awards

There are a number of awards that schools can achieve and deliver. These badges show some of the awards that the school has achieved. Click on each badge for more information. You may also find information on the school's own website about specific awards that children and young people can achieve.

Inspection reports

This background information about school inspections will help you to understand the inspection process and how schools are evaluated. Inspection reports are presented in different formats, depending on when the inspection was carried out, but we will always display the most recent inspection report for your child's school.

School level data

For primary and special schools, this section includes archived absence and attendance and free school meal data from 2012/13. The data is collected every two years. New data will be added as it becomes available.

For secondary schools this includes information on the destinations and attainment of school leavers.

We do not hold any current or archived data for this school. This can be for several reasons - eg the school roll is currently zero, or the school has recently opened or has merged with another school.

School information

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