Get involved

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Parents in each school can set up their Parent Council in a way that best suits them, but all Parent Councils have a role to play in supporting pupils, parents and the school.

Parent Councils

A Parent Council is a group of parents in a school who represent parent views and work in partnership with pupils, the headteacher and the local authority to achieve the best for pupils at that school.

School Parent Forum

All parents who have a child enrolled at a local authority school are automatically a member of what is called the Parent Forum at the school.

Ways of getting involved

Schools value and welcome the help of parents and other family members with school activities and events, and also supporting the management of the school.

Parental Involvement Act

The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act aims to get parents more involved in their children’s learning. The Act placed responsibility on local authorities to improve parental involvement in three ways - learning at home, home/school partnerships and parental representation.

National Parent Forum of Scotland

The National Parent Forum has been set up to give Parent Councils an opportunity to discuss and raise issues of mutual interest or concern at a national level.

Sharing ideas

Find out how parents across Scotland are getting involved in their children's education.

Protecting our children

Ensuring that vulnerable groups are protected from those who would cause harm is a priority for the Scottish Government which is why Ministers will soon introduce the Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG Scheme).