What our schools are doing

A photo of a pupil and teacher looking at a brain

To help you understand more about Curriculum for Excellence and what schools are doing to follow the Curriculum for Excellence guidelines, view these videos, which cover early years, primary and secondary stages.

Early years



  • Pimp my trolley

    Screenshot from video CfE in action - Pimp my trolley

    Learn more about how secondary pupils at Balfron High School investigated the safety aspects of shopping trolleys; using aspects from Mathematics, Physics and Technologies.

  • CfE in action Perth Papers

    Screenshot from video CfE in action - Perth papers

    Learn about 'Perth Papers: A Modern day Soap Opera' and how pupils improved their artistic skills and business management.

  • Kennel Club

    Screenshot from video CfE in action - Secondary years

    Deans Community High School: the 'Kennel Club' project at the school in Livingston was an innovative way of bringing different curriculum areas under one roof.

  • Food and drink challenge: Bo'ness Academy

    Food and drink challenge at Bo'ness Academy

    A secondary school and a local food manufacturing company have created a partnership project aimed at first-year students. The video shows how the project has strong links to Curriculum for Excellence.

  • CfE in action: International trade

    Screenshot from video CfE in action - International trade

    Teachers and children give their views on a project where secondary pupils attempt to promote a Scottish product to a French speaking country.

  • St Lukes: Health activities

    St Luke's boys discussing health

    Boys from St Luke's High School discussing the school's health activities.