Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy

The Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy (SSLN) is a sample based survey which monitors national performance in literacy and numeracy alternately at P4, P7 and S2. In addition, the survey also provides valuable information to help bring about improvements in learning and teaching and assessment within the classroom. The SSLN has been developed by a partnership of the Scottish Government, Education Scotland and the Scottish Qualifications Authority. It is in line with Curriculum for Excellence and is made up of written and practical assessments.

Pupils from schools in Scotland are selected to take part in the SSLN using random sampling administered by the Scottish Government. Once pupils are selected as part of the sample, parents will be informed by their school and given more details.

Results of the SSLN will not be reported or recorded at school or local authority level, but the overall summary results are reported at a national level by the Scottish Government. Individual schools, pupils or local authorities are not identified in the results. The numeracy survey took place in May 2011 with the report with findings published in spring 2012. The literacy survey took place in May 2012 and the report with findings published in spring 2013. Professional learning resources have been produced by Education Scotland based on the survey findings.

Will I receive my child’s results?

No. Your child is not being assessed individually - to do so would require a much bigger test. They are part of a larger jigsaw, and when all the assessments of other pupils who are attempting different questions are put together we will be able to build up a picture of overall performance across Scotland.

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