Free email updates

Education Scotland offers a number of free email updates and news alerts to keep you informed of the latest developments and events in Scottish education.

Email updates

The email updates include:

  • CfE and Glow News
    The new CfE and Glow News e-update provides you with updates on Curriculum for Excellence and support for practitioners, along with all the latest developments within Glow.
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  • Developing Global Citizens e-newsletter
    The monthly newsletter provides information about upcoming events, new videos, free resources and other news from the DGC team at Education Scotland.

  • Communities News 
    News from the Community Learning and Development team

  • National Qualifications online
    The NQ Online update is a brief digest of news, events, features and new documents in the e-library. It saves you time by linking you to specific areas of the NQ website which have been updated.

Weekly Education News Digest

This free email bulletin shares and disseminates information about topics relevant to the development of learning and teaching in Scotland.

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