CfE and Glow News - June 2014

The CfE and Glow News update provides you with information about Curriculum for Excellence and support for practitioners, along with all the latest developments within Glow.

In this issue...

National Qualifications

Exam results day

Exam results day is Tuesday 5 August 2014. Candidates can register with MySQA and choose to have their results sent by email or text. To do this they must sign up by Tuesday 8 July and activate their account by Wednesday 16 July. This is in addition to receiving their SQC by post and may be helpful if they will be away from home when the results are due. For further information on how to activate an account, please visit MySQA page on the SQA website.

Support for the new National Qualifications

It is now 18 months since Education Scotland and ADES launched the dedicated area on Glow for web based course materials to support the new National Qualifications. As well as nationally prepared materials from Education Scotland, teachers were also encouraged to submit their course materials so that these could be shared on a national basis. This has been a great success, with many excellent materials being provided by local authorities, schools and practitioners. Log in to Glow to see full range of materials.

SQA guides to the new National Qualifications

SQA has published their latest guides to the new National Qualifications. Guides have been published for teachers, lecturers, learners, parents/carers, employers and universities. They are available to read and download from SQA’s website.

Past paper guidance for new Higher Courses

SQA has published guidance to help teachers and lecturers identify which existing Higher past paper questions can be used to help learners revise for the new Higher exams that will take place in 2015. To find out more, visit

Further titles in NPFS Nutshell series

The National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) has been developing further resources to accompany their successful Nutshell series. The latest resources, Skills in a Nutshell, and Progression in a Nutshell, explain to parents and pupils the routes, awards and qualifications available during the senior phase, and also describe the skills that Curriculum for Excellence helps develop. Further information is available on the NPFS website.

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Scottish Learning Festival 2014

Register for SLF before the summer

The theme of SLF 2014 is raising achievement and attainment for all with a focus on maximising educational outcomes through:

  • early intervention and prevention - for children, young people and adult learners in order to maximise educational outcomes
  • health and wellbeing - from physical education and sport to the full range of health and wellbeing subjects which are the responsibility of all practitioners
  • employability skills - to secure a highly educated, well prepared and motivated young workforce able to compete in a global market.

SLF 2014 is free for everyone to attend and gives you access to:

  • inspirational keynotes from Michael Russell MSP, Dr Frank Dick, Prof Alma Harris and John Carnochan
  • over 100 professional development seminars where you can engage in activities and learn from practitioners and young people
  • lively debate at the professional discussions led by Sir Ian Wood, Chair of the Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce, Sir Bill Gammell, Chairman and Co-founder of the Winning Scotland Foundation and Kenneth Muir, Chief Executive of the GTCS
  • Scotland’s largest education exhibition with over 100 exhibitors showcasing educational resources
  • opportunities for discussion and professional networking with peers and colleagues from across Scotland.

To guarantee your place at SLF 2014 and your choice of seminars, book now, as many sessions will be fully subscribed before the summer break.

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New health and wellbeing resource

Making the links ... making it work

Education Scotland has launched a new resource pack to help practitioners and establishments develop a shared understanding of health and wellbeing: responsibility of all. The pack aims to help individuals and establishments to move towards embedding this aspect of health and wellbeing into their work, to develop a framework to ensure progression in learning and to make the process more manageable.

The pack takes the form of two posters and one booklet, which will be sent to all local authority schools in June, all of which can be used flexibly to support the development of health and wellbeing responsibility of all. It is also available on the Education Scotland website along with an interactive PDF which will allow establishments to personalise the poster to suit their own context.

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New social studies resource

People of Medieval Scotland

New to Education Scotland’s Studying Scotland website is People of Medieval Scotland. This 32-topic resource was produced by Glasgow University in partnership with Education Scotland.

There are topics to interest learners across the curriculum including Castles, Spies, Battles, Towns and Trades. These resources provide interesting and stimulating material which can be built into courses at all levels.

To partner with these resources are a series of learning journeys produced by practitioners for early to fourth level learners. So if your learners want to know about the Ragman Roll and who was on it, or how much a Castle keeper was paid and how much that works out in today’s money, get onto the site and have a look!

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New Parentzone reading videos

Education Scotland and Scottish Book Trust have developed some new materials - now published on Parentzone - to support children's reading development and enthusiasm for reading.

These new materials, consisting of five videos from early years to secondary, have tips and advice for reading with young children, as well as ideas for encouraging teenagers to read for pleasure.

Please forward on details of these new materials to parents and carers. You may also like to link to them from your school or parent council website or Facebook page. For more information, or to give us your feedback on how useful you find these materials, please email

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Education Scotland’s Learning Blog – recent posts

Glow Update - June 2014

The Scottish Government June 2014 Glow Update is now available. This update details the progress of the various projects involved in Glow as well as useful information for key contacts, partners and educationalists. These updates will be published on the Learning blog on a monthly basis.

Learning, teaching and assessment in the sciences

Education Scotland has produced a suite of documents to support learning, teaching and assessment of the sciences from early to third level. Find out more about these documents on the Education Scotland Learning blog.

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Glow update

In the early autumn access to the old Glow services will be removed however Glow continues to develop and users will be able to access existing and new services. Going forward, the new Glow environment for learning will provide: 

  • further improvements to the RM Unify user interface, which provides a Launchpad to a range of Glow services and content
  • greater support for the use of the communication and collaboration tools already available from Microsoft Office 365
  • other new updated services, including blogs, wikis and broadcasting
  • a range of applications which will evolve and respond to educational needs.

Usernames and passwords will not change and Glow can still be accessed in the same way. If you are still using the old Glow portal on SharePoint 2003, we would like to invite you to start planning for the removal of the old services.

Further updates and help and support material will be issued over the coming months.

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Glow – help and support

The Help & Support and National Site on the Glow Platform are being re-designed. It’s good to see that users are already beginning to share their own resources on these sites and the feedback has been very positive. As one user has said, ‘The new National Site looks great. I was delighted to see the amount of help sheets available and have e-mailed others with the link.’

The Emerging Technologies team at Education Scotland is investigating ways in which specific curriculum support can be developed through Glow. This specifically includes areas such as Computer Science and N4/N5 History, Scotland in the Era of the First World War. In terms of the latter, a help sheet is available through the Help & Support area for teachers who want to set up their own collaborative area on SharePoint, within Glow O365.

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ICT in learning

A Mobile Technologies Conversation event has taken place this month in Glasgow. Bringing together a number of practitioners, the event aims were to map out what we already know about the development of mobile technologies in schools, explore those gaps in our knowledge and plan a strategy to take this forward.

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Glow TV events

Glow TV will be taking a break over the summer holidays and will be back in August with an exciting schedule of events starting with several live author sessions from the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

However, the Watch Again service will still be available throughout the summer so you will have the opportunity to search and view from a selection of over 500 recordings from all areas of the curriculum.

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