Modern Studies

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This page provides quick access to advice and guidance for the new National Qualifications and support materials for the current NQ courses. It also links to external educational websites and to the SQA pages for Modern Studies.

Advice and support

Advice and support for the new National Qualifications and materials from the old resource database for the current NQs.

Course materials

Materials prepared by teachers for teachers from a range of sources. (Glow log-in required)

Useful weblinks

Listings of external educational websites providing information and materials that might be useful in teaching and learning in Modern Studies.

SQA - Modern Studies

Scottish Qualifications Authority website for NQ arrangements documents, standards and assessors' reports for the current NQs.

SQA - Modern Studies - New NQs

Scottish Qualifications Authority website area for the course and unit specifications, assessment specifications and support notes for the New NQs.

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