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Assessment is an integral part of the learning and teaching process therefore when planning learning experiences with Marks on the Landscape there should be a coherent approach to learning, teaching and assessment. 

Teachers should use a range of assessment approaches, including observation, self and peer assessment, teacher-pupil dialogue, as well as end of task assessments. 

The assessment approach should be the most appropriate to the learning experience being provided and should reflect the nature of the learning. 

A range of evidence should be gathered which will take account of what children and young people say, make, write and do. 

Reporting on how much, and how well, learners have achieved should be an ongoing process and should be achieved through pupil-teacher dialogue. 

The Principles and practice links in each curriculum area provide more detail on the broad features of assessment.

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  • Assessment

    Assessment involves gathering, reflecting on and evaluating evidence of learning to enable staff to check on learners' progressĀ and support further learning.

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