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Please note that the material on this site currently refers to the older Higher and Advanced Higher NOT the new National Qualifications. Learners and practitioners should ensure the material is appropriate for the particular qualification being studied. The NQ Music website has revised content for the new National Qualifications.

Using this resource

The content of these pages can be studied in two ways: by following a course of study of a topic or by studying a period of music.

There is a quiz to test knowledge and understanding of the music for each topic and period. Two practice tests are also provided to help with preparation for final listening exams.

At all times a musical concept required from Access 3 up to Advanced Higher can be checked and exemplified in the A to Z dictionary of concepts.

Study by period

To access a period click on the link below or in the Navigation bar on the left of your screen.

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Study by topic

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Choral MusicFormOpera
SongOther orchestral  

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