About assessment

The principles for assessing learners' progress and the framework for assessment from Building the Curriculum 5.

Assessing progress and achievement

Discover a range of approaches to assess progress and achievement.

Recognising achievement, reporting and profiling

More about how learners' achievement relates to all aspects of their planned learning, including in relation to national standards and expectations and their progress in developing the four capacities.

Sharing standards and expectations

Recognising and ensuring high quality assessment practices, and establishing effective moderation.

National Assessment Resource

How the National Assessment Resource supports assessment practice, examples of how schools and local authorities have used it and advice to help you develop your own materials.

Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy (SSLN)

Explore the latest findings of the Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy and a range of new professional learning resources.

Assessment resources

Learning and teaching resources created and selected by Education Scotland.

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Key advice, guidance and policy.