Approaches to learning

A photo of two boys concentrating

These programmes and ideas may help you to think about ways in which learning can be constructed to challenge and motivate learners, help them take responsibility for their own learning and develop new thoughts and ideas.

Active learning

Active learning is learning which engages and challenges children's thinking using real-life and imaginary situations. Find out more.

ICT in education

How children today are immersed in the new information and communications technologies and the implications this has for learning and teaching.


Creativity, why it is important, and how we can nurture it in our schools.

Outdoor learning

Find inspiration and support for delivering the curriculum through outdoor learning.

Co-operative and collaborative learning

Learning is frequently most effective when learners have the opportunity to think and talk together, to discuss ideas, analyse and solve problems, without constant teacher mediation.

Peer education

An introduction to the benefits of peer education, an approach where young people are actively involved in each other's learning.

Reggio Emilia

Find out more about this Italian town renowned worldwide for its forward thinking approach to early childhood education.