Learning throughout life

Supporting learning throughout our lives

Learning begins at birth and continues throughout our lives. Scottish Government education strategy, and the curriculum frameworks that deliver it, recognise that learning is lifelong, and are designed to help learners develop the skills they need for learning, life and work in an ever-changing world.

Here, we introduce the pre-birth to three framework, 3-18 curriculum, and the national guidance and frameworks which support adult learning and community learning and development, which together form the curriculum in Scotland.

The curriculum recognises the importance of developing the skills, insights and confidence to respond to the challenges and opportunities of our modern world.

Policy context

The curriculum for all learners is underpinned by Scottish Government policy for development and learning.

The curriculum 3-18

Scotland's curriculum for 3-18 is designed to provide young people with the knowledge, skills and attributes they need for learning, life and work in the 21st century.

Higher education

Find out about the impact Curriculum for Excellence will have on Scottish higher education.

Pre-birth to three guidance

The 3-18 curriculum builds on the solid foundations laid in children’s earliest years.

Adult and community

Community learning and development aims to provide a coherent system to help individuals and communities develop the skills they need.

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