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A series of briefings designed to provide practitioners with information and advice to support their implementation of Curriculum for Excellence.

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  1. This briefing explores the aims and purposes of including the Scots language as part of Curriculum for Excellence.

  2. This briefing for practitioners explores the aims and purposes of religious observance (RO) within Curriculum for Excellence. It is intended for practitioners but can also be used to inform partners, learners, and their parents and carers, about RO.

  3. This briefing explores the pivotal role sciences education has in equipping learners with the skills they need.

  4. This briefing explores the place of political literacy within Curriculum for Excellence.

  5. An IEP is a non-statutory document used to plan specific aspects of education for learners who need some or all of their curriculum to be individualised. This CfE briefing about IEPs is the third in a series about effective planning for learning.

  6. This briefing provides advice for practitioners and can also be used to inform partners, learners and their parents and carers of developments in Curriculum for Excellence.

  7. This briefing explores emerging practice in planning for learning through the Broad General Education (BGE) in the early years, primary and secondary S1-S3 stages.

  8. This briefing explores the important contribution that CLD is making to CfE outcomes for learners through partnership working in educational establishments and communities.

  9. This briefing explores the ways in which practitioners across sectors are increasing opportunities for children and young people to learn about Scotland as part of the broad general education (BGE) and in the senior phase.

  10. This briefing looks at how schools and their partners are developing new curriculum approaches that provide flexible achievement pathways at the senior phase.

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