The curriculum in Scotland

The curriculum in Scotland

The Scottish Government's lifelong learning strategy aims to ensure that everyone develops the attributes, knowledge and skills they will need for life, learning and work. The curriculum is all the experiences that are planned for learners to support the development of these skills.

Pre-birth to three guidance

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The 3-18 curriculum builds on the solid foundations laid in children’s earliest years.

The curriculum 3-18

Scotland's curriculum for 3-18 is designed to provide young people with the knowledge, skills and attributes they need for learning, life and work in the 21st century.

CfE Briefings

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A series of updates designed to provide practitioners with information and advice to support their implementation of Curriculum for Excellence.

How is progress assessed?

The experiences and outcomes describe the expectations for learning and progression in all areas of the curriculum. They are written at five levels, with progression to qualifications described under the senior phase.

How is the curriculum organised?

The curriculum is structured around all the experiences that are planned as part of learning and teaching.

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