School-community partnerships

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Community-based activities help to build the confidence and motivation of young people and allow them to develop skills for learning, life and work, preparing them for future roles in society.

Youth work

A large number of partnerships between schools and youth work agencies and providers operate across all areas of Scotland. These may be part of a strategic approach built into local planning or be based on formal or less formal arrangements at local level.

Schools and school-based community youth work partnerships support transitions by young people at various stages of their lives, improve health and wellbeing, develop literacy and numeracy, recognise and promote achievement and promote citizenship.

Effective school and youth work partnerships can lead to benefits for young people, schools, the wider community and employers. They provide opportunities to recognise achievement, increase participation in community life and volunteering, increase awareness of diversity and inclusion, enhance employability, reduce exclusions from school, enhance learning, improve relationships and enhance the voice of young people in community planning and decision making.

Partnerships with employers

Building strong partnerships with local employers helps to develop enterprising skills and attitudes in young people, provides experience of the world of work and enables them to place their school work in a real world context.

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