Partnerships for learning

About partnership working

Creating strong partnerships with a range of organisations helps to deliver a more personalised learning experience for every child and young person.

Creating successful partnerships

Establishments and partnerships have the freedom to think imaginatively about how the experiences and outcomes might be organised and planned for in creative ways which encourage deep, sustained learning.

School-community partnerships

Developing partnerships in the wider community allows practitioners to provide new contexts and enhanced learning experiences for all children and young people.

Partnerships with employers

Building strong partnerships with local employers helps to develop enterprising skills and attitudes in young people, provides experience of the world of work and enables them to place their school work in a real-world context.

Engaging with parents

Schools can benefit from developing positive partnerships with parents by involving them in all decisions affecting their children's education and learning.

School-college partnerships

The importance of strong partnerships between schools and colleges.

The School Improvement Partnership Programme (SIPP)

SIPP draws on the wealth of international educational research and practice demonstrating that the most effective school improvements are locally owned and led by teachers and school leaders working in partnership.

Support materials

Find examples of practice and resources to support partnerships for learning.


  • Science Partnership Working

    A guide to enhancing learning and teaching in the sciences by working with external partners. (Glow login required).